the 2014 big 12 soccer championship

West Virginia Hannah Steadman

TCU’s Bobbi Clemmer scores a goal against West Virginia’s Hannah Steadman.

#10 Bri Campos #7 Alexa WIlde

Baylor’s Bri Campos embraces Alexa Wilde after a goal against Oklahoma State.

#11 Natalie Huggins #8 Rhinehart, Miriam

Baylor’s Natalie Huggins competes for the ball against Oklahoma State’s Miriam Rhinehart.

#14 Ressler, Rachel #8 Hodgen, Abby

Oklahoma’s Rachel Ressler embraces Abby Hodgen after a goal against Kansas.

#1 Abby Smith

West Virginia’s Kate Schwindel scores a goal against Texas’ Abby Smith.

#27 Hill, Amanda

West Virginia’s Amanda Hill celebrates after the Mountaineers defeat Texas.

21 Cota, Jemma 10 Campos, Bri

Oklahoma’s Jemma Cota competes for the ball against Baylor’s Bri Campos.

10 Campos, Bri 6 Brem, Madeline

Baylor’s Bri Campos competes for the ball against Oklahoma’s Madeline Brem.

7 Barrett, Devin 12 Burns, Lindsay

Oklahoma’s Devin Barrett competes for the ball against Baylor’s Lindsay Burns.

5 Rayfield, Laura

Oklahoma’s Laura Rayfield steals the ball from West Virginia’s Amandine Pierre-Louis.

I shot the Big 12 Women’s Soccer Championship at Swope Soccer Village in Kansas City, Missouri on November 5-9, 2014. West Virginia defeated Oklahoma 1-0 to win the championship.

-scott weaver

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