krav maga: blue belt


Last summer, Patty and I joined a martial arts studio to learn Krav Maga, an Israeli military self-defense system that mixes techniques from boxing, Muay Thai, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling. Although Krav Maga students try to avoid confrontation, we are taught skills to finish a fight quickly with vicious attacks to the most vulnerable parts of the body including the face, throat, ribs and groin.

For our blue belt test on September 22, 2014, we had to perform different takedowns including hip throws and leg sweeps. We also had to demonstrate several kickboxing combinations of punches, elbows and body blows. Finally, we had to break a board with a jumping front kick.

This belt test was the toughest one yet, much more demanding than our white, yellow, orange, and purple tests. Our instructors pushed us through sparring drills that completely exhausted us. Then, before we could catch our breath, they ran us through a conditioning workout of push-ups, sit-ups, burpees and mountain climbers. It was the first time I truly wanted to quit the class.

We passed our test and graduated on September 24. Now, we’re working towards our green belts.

-scott weaver

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