blake and inge get married

inge_blake wedding001

Inge Jorgensen chooses her colors from a makeup palette before her wedding ceremony.

Claudia Durkin

Inge Jorgensen greets her bridesmaid and former college roommate, Claudia Durkin.

inge_blake wedding003

Inge Jorgensen’s bridal dress hangs in her hotel bedroom before the wedding ceremony.

inge_blake wedding004

Inge Jorgensen shows off her K-State garter to one of her bridesmaids, Claudia Durkin.

inge_blake wedding005

Inge Jorgensen’s sister, Heidi, and mother, Barbara, help Inge into her wedding dress.

inge_blake wedding006

Inge Jorgensen talks to a friend just minutes before her wedding ceremony.

inge_blake wedding007

Inge Jorgensen kisses her father, Dr. Jens Jorgensen, before they walk down the aisle.

inge_blake wedding008

Inge Jorgensen stands in the narthex of St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church.

inge_blake wedding009

Inge Jorgensen flashes a smile to her fiance, Blake Seiler, during their wedding ceremony.

inge_blake wedding010

Blake and Inge Seiler leave the church and travel to their wedding reception on a party bus.

inge_blake wedding011

Blake and Inge Seiler stop their party bus to pose for a photo before their reception.

inge_blake wedding012

Inge and Blake Seiler sing and dance with their wedding party before their reception.

inge_blake wedding013

Blake and Inge Seiler greet their guests at The Hotel at Old Town in Wichita, Kansas.

inge_blake wedding014

K-State’s head football coach Bill Snyder greets Blake and Inge Seiler at their reception.

inge_blake wedding015

Inge and Blake Seiler are toasted by family and friends during their wedding reception.

inge_blake wedding016

Inge Seiler sits on groomsman Taylor Braet as Blake Seiler removes her garter belt.

inge_blake wedding017

Blake and Inge Seiler share their first dance as a married couple at The Hotel at Old Town.

inge_blake wedding018

Wedding guests enjoy themselves on the dance floor at Blake and Inge Seiler’s reception.

Steve Cline

Groomsman Steve Cline breakdances during Blake and Inge Seiler’s wedding reception.

inge_blake wedding020

Blake and Inge Seiler return to their room at The Hotel at Old Town after their reception.

My friends, Blake Seiler and Inge Jorgensen, asked me to shoot their wedding in Wichita, Kansas on June 21, 2014. I was honored that they trusted me to document such a joyful day in their lives.

-scott weaver

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