photo shoot in aggieville

aggieville 001

aggieville 002

aggieville 003

Recently, I was asked to shoot some scenics in Aggieville, a six-block dining and shopping district near Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, for some promotional and marketing materials.

I approached the managers of the Wabash Bar and Grill, located at 1116 Moro St, because their rooftop patio has a great view of Aggieville. They graciously allowed me into their establishment.

I asked former K-State women’s basketball player, Katya Leick, and her friend, Chelsey Olson, to model for me. They’re both sweet, beautiful young ladies with the perfect look for the project.

Unfortunately, the shoot had to be postponed a few times because of severe weather. The day before my deadline, we met at the Wabash despite an 80 percent chance of thunderstorms.

Instead of heavy rain, the sun burst through the clouds just as we walked onto the rooftop patio. We had to use several large, outdoor umbrellas to keep Katya and Chelsey evenly lit in the shade.

My sincere appreciation to the Wabash Bar and Grill, Katya and Chelsey, for a great shoot.

-scott weaver

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