k-state football strength and conditioning


A rack of dumbbells inside the K-State Vanier Football Complex.

Judah Jones

K-State’s Judah Jones uses resistance to strengthen his neck.

demonte hood

K-State’s Demonte Hood performs single-leg box squats.

David Smith

K-State’s David Smith finishes a set of straight-arm cable push-ups.

Andre Davis

K-State’s Andre Davis catches tennis balls to improve his hand-eye coordination.

dalton converse

K-State’s Dalton Converse powers through a set of hang cleans.

morgan burns

K-State’s Morgan Burns grips the bar for a set of bent-over rows.

taylor godinet

K-State’s Taylor Godinet performs a set of pull-ups.

bj finney

K-State’s B.J. Finney cools off after his strength and conditioning workout.


A rack of dip belts inside the K-State Vanier Football Complex.

Recently, I photographed the K-State football team during their early morning offseason strength and conditioning workout at the Vanier Football Complex in Manhattan, Kansas.

Players pushed through several sets of hang cleans, bent-over rows, push-ups, single-leg box squats, pull-ups and box jumps. Quarterback Daniel Sams and wide receiver Andre Davis caught tennis balls from an automatic tennis ball machine to improve their hand-eye coordination.

The Wildcats’ annual Purple and White spring game is April 26, 2014 and their first regular season game is August 30 against Stephen F. Austin at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan, Kansas.

-scott weaver

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