the improv


K-State’s D.J. Johnson poses for a portrait at Bramlage Coliseum in Manhattan, Kansas.

It is only September, so it feels much too early in the year to already be thinking about basketball. However, the K-State women’s season tips off on October 28 and the men’s season begins on November 1. Recently, I had to shoot photos for each team’s individual poster. The K-State marketing department, art department, and athletics department bring me a concept for the finished look of each poster. Since I have a limited amount of time with the players, the photo shoots have to be efficient. There is never much room for improvisation in the script.

Usually, when we finish the photos, the teams retire to their locker rooms and I begin to pack up my lights and camera gear. After the men’s poster shoot, K-State’s D.J. Johnson was slow to leave the Bramlage Coliseum floor. He is an intimidating figure at 6’9″, 250 pounds, but he is one of the nicest, most genuine players on the team. Johnson’s huge, muscular frame and long dreadlocks contrast with his quiet demeanor. We struck up a conversation and I asked him if I could capture his cool look in a portrait. He agreed to it and we spent a few minutes improvising some photos.

-scott weaver

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