the road warrior

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I reached 200,000 hard-earned miles in my Honda Civic DX on February 12, 2013. I bought the car brand new from Honda of Tiffany Springs in Kansas City, Missouri in 2006. Seven years later, it still runs as well as it did the day I drove it off the showroom floor. It has taken me all around the country to countless photography assignments, dozens of stadiums, and hundreds of hotels.

200,000 miles is a long road trip. Here is a list of distances that equal 200,000 miles:

117,647 trips across the Golden Gate Bridge north to south (1.7 miles)

458 trips across the state of Kansas east to west (437 miles)

61 trips across the United States east to west (3300 miles)

23 trips across North America north to south (8876 miles)

8 trips around planet Earth (24,902 miles)

7/8 of the mileage to the moon (plus an additional 38,857 miles)

None of my other photography gear has been more durable than my 2006 Honda Civic DX.

-scott weaver

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One Response to the road warrior

  1. jeffjacobsen says:

    I am over 220,000 in my Honda. Shooting for 300K. Mine might not run quite as well as yours, but the old beater has hauled bikes, kayaks and our dog Rocket with us for man adventure. Here’s to our cars and to Honda for making them well.

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