gun control

range 001

The Bullet Hole shooting range in Overland Park, Kansas.

range 002

Patty Weaver practices with her Ruger LC9 at the Bullet Hole shooting range.

range 003

A tight group of rounds through a target from a .22 semi-auto rifle.

Recently, my wife and I joined our friends, Dave and Kristi, for some target practice at the Bullet Hole shooting range in Overland Park, Kansas. All four of us have been professionally trained to handle firearms and we all have our concealed carry permits. We enjoy the camaraderie at the range as well as the fun of developing our sport shooting skills with different guns.

The debate on gun control was renewed in the United States after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14, 2012. The government is now proposing new legislation to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines with more than ten rounds of ammunition.

A recent Pew Research Center poll shows that 51% of Americans believe it is more important to control gun ownership than protect gun rights. The poll also shows that 85% favor stricter background checks at gun shows and private gun sales. 80% support laws to prevent mentally ill people from purchasing guns and 60% agree to ban bullets that can penetrate bulletproof vests.

Unfortunately, the world is a dangerous place. Trillions of dollars in debt, high inflation, high unemployment, higher taxes, and an unstable economy, drives desperate people to do desperate things. As gun owners, my wife and I condemn gun violence and favor stricter gun regulations. However, I am grateful that the 2nd Amendment allows us to possess guns and protect ourselves.

-scott weaver

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