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Mona Storling Enna teaches a ballet dance class at The Culture House.

Anne Wayne teaches Phoebe Hines, 11, during a jazz dance class at The Culture House.

Dancers relax in the lobby between classes at The Culture House.

Hip hop dancers wear athletic shoes instead of ballet slippers at The Culture House.

Jeremiah Enna evaluates a ballet dance class at The Culture House.

Recently, I received a call from Gary Fong: founder of the Genesis Photo Agency, the president and co-founder of Christians in Photojournalism, professional wedding photographer; inventor of the Lightsphere (a dome-shaped light diffuser for on-camera flash units); former director of editorial graphics technology at the San Francisco Chronicle, and all-around good guy. He had a job for me.

Gary sent me to photograph The Culture House Academy of the Performing Arts, a school of dance, theater and music, located in Olathe, Kansas. The Culture House is owned and operated by Jeremiah and Mona Storling Enna, both professional dancers and followers of Christ Jesus.

The Ennas do not force their Christian beliefs on students, teachers or production assistants, everyone is welcome at The Culture House. Instead, Jeremiah and Mona live out their faith by sharing their gifts with other artists and dancers and encouraging them to develop their talents.

I spent the entire day at The Culture House on July 13, 2012. I wandered in and out of art classes, ballet and hip hop dance classes, and a musical rehearsal for “The Wizard of Oz.” It was a fun assignment that gave me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people, including Gary Fong.

The Culture House story can be viewed at:

-scott weaver

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