my better half

Patty and me at the Cotton Bowl in Cowboys Stadium on January 6, 2012.

Patty shoots photographs of K-State and Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl.

Two of Patty’s images from the Cotton Bowl are published in the K-Stater magazine.

Patty, my wife, excels at everything and if she doesn’t do it well, she still manages to have fun. Maybe it’s a family trait because her father, mother and sister are all great big kids themselves. One thing that Patty does well is bring out the best in me. She makes me laugh louder, love deeper, and try harder than anyone else. I’m her biggest fan and I’m blessed to be her husband.

Recently, Patty traveled with me as my photo assistant to shoot K-State and Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl at Cowboys Stadium on January 6, 2012. We treated the week long assignment in Arlington, Texas as a short vacation together. When I was covering practices or press conferences, she would enjoy shopping or dining with the other wives in the K-State Athletics Department.

When it was finally game day, Patty and I arrived hours before kickoff to set up inside the stadium. I learned the Cotton Bowl has a rule mandating they have “working sidelines” which meant Patty had to be shooting the game anytime she was on the field and not just carrying my camera equipment. I had no idea how that rule would work to my advantage during the second quarter.

Unfortunately, K-State was losing 2-19 with 26 seconds left in the first half. Quarterback Collin Klein snapped the ball on the Arkansas 3-yard line and ran away from me around the right side. Suddenly, he stopped and threw the ball across the field to tight end Andre McDonald who was standing alone in the end zone right in front of me. I reached for my bailout camera and its wide angle lens that hangs around my neck, but I was too late. McDonald had already caught the ball for a touchdown and run past me. It was one of K-State’s few highlights and I had missed it.

After Arkansas won 29-16, Patty and I returned to the media workroom so I could edit the images for K-State’s online photo gallery. Surprisingly, I saw some images of McDonald scoring the touchdown in the second quarter. Patty had shot the play with one of my other cameras while looking over my shoulder. The image was tack sharp and tight. She literally had my back.

We used two of her images in the photo gallery: a wide shot of Cowboys Stadium as the K-State football team ran onto the field during pre-game and the Andre McDonald touchdown photo.

After we returned home from the Cotton Bowl, K-Stater magazine asked me to submit several images for their Spring issue. It was published in early May and I was thrilled to see that Patty’s images had made the spread. Her shot of Cowboys Stadium was the lead photo for the article.

It’s fun to see her images in the magazine. Then again, she manages to make everything fun.

-scott weaver

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5 Responses to my better half

  1. Patty Weaver says:

    I am blessed to be your wife! The two good shots I took that day can’t even compare to the thousands of great images you’ve taken. Love you!

  2. Mom Taylor says:

    Great article. Patty has always at least attempted things and generally she has become accomplished at whatever she sets her mind at. You both bring out the best in each other and our family is much enhanced with you, Scott, as a part of it. Your work is fabulous & I always look forward to you next posting.

  3. Travis Taylor says:

    Well now, how lucky can one photographer be to have two such capable assistants, Patty & Don. But then, look who they’re taking as an example! Love your work!

  4. jeffjacobsen says:

    Scott, watch out. Before long Patty might be humbling you with her work as Laura does to me. From someone that tries to include Laura in all that I do, I loved your post. How blessed you are to have someone as wonderful as Patty in your life just as the Lord has blessed me with Laura. God bless you both.

  5. Craig says:

    I. Loved. This. Story.
    You guys rule…

    (And my shot would have been out of focus.)

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