carry on baggage

Me modeling a cool fleece top and my cooler Think Tank Speed Demon belt pack.

The contents of my Think Tank Speed Demon belt pack.

Recently, a fellow photographer was in need of a small screwdriver. I reached into my Think Tank Speed Demon belt pack and offered him my multi-tool with its selection of screwdrivers. Surprised, he said, “It’s like you’re wearing Batman’s utility belt. What else is in there?” Much like a woman’s purse, I prefer the contents of my belt pack to remain private. But since I want to dispel the rumors that I might actually be the Dark Knight, I am unzipping its pockets for the first time.

The Speed Demon is designed to hold a standard size DSLR with 2–3 small zoom or prime lenses. My equipment differs depending on my assignment, but I always carry the following items:

* a Nikon 17-55mm or a 80-200mm

* a Nikon 20mm

* a Nikon 10.5mm

* a Nikon 1.4 teleconverter

* a notepad

* two Sharpies, a yellow highlighter and several pens

* a roll of masking tape

* a roll of electrical tape

* a lens cloth

* a multi-tool

* a pocketknife

* a hex key

* a bottle of hand sanitizer

* a Think Tank wallet with extra memory cards

* extra flash drives

* extra camera batteries

* extra AA batteries

* a Manfrotto 3232 monopod tilt head

* a SanDisk mp3 player loaded with AC/DC

* identification and media credentials

Additionally, I’ll pack certain gear into my Speed Demon belt pack for specific shoots:

* PocketWizard MultiMax transceivers

* assorted pre-trigger cables and sync cords

* Nikon Speedlights

* a flashlight

* wire strippers

* wiretaps

* a tabletop tripod

* assorted gels and filters

* a team roster

* Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain cereal bars

* a bottle of water

* sunblock

* ibuprofen

* earplugs

* an umbrella

I should upgrade to a larger belt pack such as the Think Tank Speed Freak V2.0 so I can carry my Bat-boomerang, Bat-grappling hook and Bat-radio, but I don’t have any room in my Batmobile.

-scott weaver

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One Response to carry on baggage

  1. Really funny…and informative, Scott. Nice to see you lay out a bit of personality. Did Patty shoot you/ Give my love to all,

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