over her head

K-State’s Chelsie Bonds competes in the women’s weight throw during the KSU Open indoor track and field meet at Ahearn Field House in Manhattan, Kansas on February 18, 2011.

Recently, I entered PocketWizard’s MAKE IT POSSIBLE photo contest. PocketWizard manufactures radio transceivers so photographers can fire their camera systems by remote control. The rules were simple: the photographer had to use a PocketWizard Wireless Triggering System with at least one off-camera flash. 396 images were submitted and then narrowed down to ten semi-finalists. The final judging was done by Mark Wallace, a commercial photographer in Phoenix , Arizona.

I submitted a photo of K-State’s Chelsie Bonds that I shot from a catwalk overlooking the weight throw ring. I used two PocketWizard MulitMAX Transceivers: one set as a transmitter in the camera’s hotshoe and another set as a receiver to a single White Lightning X1600 flash unit with an 11″ reflector. The flash was mounted on another catwalk at the end of the weight throw ring.

I was excited when I received an email from PocketWizard notifying me that I had placed as a semi-finalist. It meant I had the opportunity to win the contest’s grand prize: two FlexTT5’s and one MiniTT1 for Nikon, an AC3 ZoneController, a G-Wiz Trunk bag, and a 1-year subscription with SmugMug plus photo website customization. Unfortunately for me, PocketWizard posted the results on their website a few days later and I was neither the overall winner nor the first or second runner-up. Trevor Mahoney, a sports photographer in Waterloo, Canada, won the contest with his beautiful image of a hockey goal that he made with a remote camera from inside the net.

As cliche as it sounds, I was honored just to be considered as a finalist. There are some truly talented photographers making some amazing images around the world everyday. I would be proud to have any of the other top ten images in my portfolio. I encourage everyone to visit PocketWizard’s website at www.pocketwizard.com to view the other winning entries.

-scott weaver

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1 Response to over her head

  1. That is pretty cool to be a finalist! Too bad you didn’t win though… I haven’t seen the other images, but yours is great!

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