frequent fliers

K-State’s Mariah White

K-State’s Shane Southwell

Recently, I had to shoot portraits of the K-State basketball players for some marketing materials. Usually, I like to spend time with each athlete before their photo shoot so I can learn about their personality. Many of the players are extroverts and feel comfortable in front of the camera.

K-State’s Mariah White is flashy. She wanted me to shoot one of her no-look passes. After a few takes, I showed her the images and she was pleased that we captured her signature move.

K-State’s Shane Southwell is athletic. I wanted a photo that displayed his abilities so I mounted a camera behind the backboard glass and had him dunk the ball. When I showed him the images, he was excited that the tattoo of his mom’s name, “Susan”, was clearly visible on his right arm.

It is always fun and rewarding to shoot a portrait that pleases both the athlete and me.

-scott weaver

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