flower power

The state of Kansas has lots of natural beauty in it. One example is the Grinters sunflower farm located on 246th Street between Lawrence and Tonganoxie. The Grinters have been growing the state’s official flower since the 1970’s. Originally, they started planting sunflowers so they could harvest them and refine the oil into fuel. When the refinement process became too expensive, the family continued to plant the flowers each year just so people could enjoy seeing them.

Every September, over 20,000 sunflowers bloom on 40 acres near the Grinters farm. This year’s crop was smaller that previous ones due to the dry, hot summer, but it was still beautiful. The Grinters welcome people to visit their property to take photographs. They also encourage visitors to pick a few sunflowers as souvenirs but they graciously ask for a $1.00 donation for each flower. After the sunflowers have passed their peak, they are cut down and ground into bird seed.

-scott weaver

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