brains and brawn

Recently, I had to shoot a portrait of Curry Sexton, a freshman wide receiver on the K-State football team. Curry is an outstanding student athlete who was accepted into Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Wyoming and Air Force. However, since Curry is from nearby Abilene, Kansas and grew up a Wildcat fan, he accepted a football scholarship from K-State so he could stay close to home.

I only had a few minutes with Curry so I needed a simple idea for the portrait. First, there is not much Harvard merchandise in the K-State bookstores, so I grabbed my laptop and downloaded a free stock image of the Harvard Crimson logo. Then, I set the logo as the wallpaper on my MacBook Pro. When Curry arrived for the shoot, I lit him with a 20º Honeycomb grid, the football with a 10º Honeycomb grid and another 10º Honeycomb grid on the keyboard. My exposure was f/5.6 at 1/15th so the ambient light of the laptop screen would show the Harvard logo wallpaper.

Curry is an exceptionally gifted young man because of his intelligence, athleticism and work ethic. I am sure that he will be successful in everything he does both on and off the field for K-State.

-scott weaver

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