Dru Schultze removes graffiti from a wall in downtown Kansas City.

Fata Visina sweeps a sidewalk in the Kansas City River Market.

Arthur Chatman patrols downtown Kansas City on a bicycle.

Santos Ramirez provides security at a bus stop in downtown Kansas City.

Carlos Byers is one of the many faces of the Kansas City CID Ambassadors.

Recently, I photographed some of the Community Improvement District ambassadors for the Downtown Council of Kansas City’s annual report. The Downtown Community Improvement District (DCID) and the River Market Community Improvement District (RMCID) are non-profit service organizations that provide safety, maintenance and beautification services for downtown Kansas City and the River Market. The DCID and RMCID cover a combined 200 square block area. The CID’s have 22 maintenance ambassadors and 27 safety ambassadors for the two districts.

The Ambassadors keep the Districts beautiful and safe for the thousands of conventioneers, workers, residents and visitors that come to downtown Kansas City each day. As the face of Kansas City, the Ambassadors remove graffiti, sweep the sidewalks at least three times daily, provide directions to any destination, assist with bus routes, or escort someone to their car.

-scott weaver

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