bat men

Oklahoma State’s Zach Johnson collides with Luis Uribe against Baylor.

Fans reach for a foul ball during the game between Oklahoma State and Baylor.

Texas Tech’s Reid Redman fields a ground ball against Texas A&M.

K-State plays Oklahoma under a dramatic sunset at Redhawks Field.

Groundskeepers prep the field before the game between Texas and Baylor.

Missouri’s C.J. Jarvis tags Oklahoma State’s Mark Ginther as Hunter Bailey advances.

Missouri’s Andrew Thigpen bats against Oklahoma State.

Umpire Mike Morris ejects Oklahoma coach Sunny Golloway against K-State.

K-State’s Tanner Witt is upended by Oklahoma’s Cody Reine.

Texas A&M coach Rob Childress receives a Gatorade shower after the Aggies defeated Missouri for the Big 12 Baseball Championship in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on May 29, 2011.

Recently, I covered the Baseball Championship for the Big 12 Conference at Redhawks Field in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on May 25-29, 2011. It was my second trip to Oklahoma in two weeks.

The weather turned violent as soon as I crossed into Oklahoma from Kansas on May 24. I drove through a fierce thunderstorm and I was sure that lightning was going to strike my car. Soon I began to hear emergency bulletins on the radio about a tornado outbreak in the Oklahoma City area. My wife called to warn me about the severe weather ahead and I pulled over at a rest stop while she updated me with the latest radar images she was watching online. Once the weather calmed down, I continued into Oklahoma City. The towns of Goldsby, El Reno, Piedmont, Chickasha, Moore, Norman, and Guthrie were hammered by the tornadoes. 10 people died including a three year old boy who was missing for three days before authorities found his body.

The tragedy caused by the storms overshadowed the championship, but we played all fourteen games. Afterwards, Texas A&M won the crown against Missouri 10-9 when Andrew Collazo hit a home run in the bottom of the 10th inning. Similarly, Texas A&M won the 2010 Championship against Baylor 5-3 when Brodie Greene hit a home run in the bottom of the 10th.

-scott weaver

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