national treasure

Recently, I heard reports that some bald eagles had nested at Clinton Lake in Lawrence, Kansas. After talking with a park ranger to learn the location of their nest, I packed up my cameras and went hunting for them. The first day I failed to find them, but the next morning, I spotted one near the lake’s dam. The winds were gusting at 25-30mph that morning and the eagle was gliding on the updrafts over the partially frozen water. He would fly a figure eight pattern, soaring up on a thermal, then slowly descending over the trees, then back over the lake and up on another thermal. I watched him from my parked car for about 45 minutes but he would never drift close enough for me to photograph him. I lost sight of him for awhile after he flew down into the trees and I assumed he had landed somewhere. Suddenly, he reappeared from below the dam, rising up on another thermal, and he flew across the road into a wooded area just east of the lake where I lost sight of him for good. I shot a few images of him staring at me as he passed over my car.

-scott weaver

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