larger than life

Recently, I was driving west on I-70 through Topeka, Kansas when I saw one of my images on a K-State billboard. Several of my images have been used on billboards before but this one was special. This billboard was designed around my image. The idea came from the K-State marketing department who wanted to promote the men’s basketball team. They contacted Ron Cook, the graphic designer at K-State, who offered up my image of K-State’s Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly.

Originally, I photographed the two seniors for the cover of the 2010 media guide as they tore through a white background. Since the cover is also white, the illusion is that the players are bursting out of the book. Cook used the same concept for the billboard. He designed it to have extra white paper on the top and bottom so it appears as if the players are tearing through it.

I’ve received many compliments about the billboard, but the real praise goes to the teamwork of the K-State marketing department and the amazing talents of graphic designer Ron Cook.

-scott weaver

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