a small world

Chuck Weber, superintendent for WaterOne, stands in the Wolcott Treatment Plant.

A few years ago, I flew into Atlanta, Georgia. As the plane descended into Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, I glanced down at the thousands of houses beneath me. A thought crossed my mind: people live in each one of those houses. Most likely, I would never have the chance to meet any of them. It was sobering to think how large the world is and how small I am.

Recently, a public relations firm hired me to photograph Chuck Weber, superintendent for WaterOne, a utility company that provides water to the Johnson County, Kansas area. Interestingly, the PR firm isn’t in the United States. Sayle Noble and Associates is in Auckland, New Zealand. They contacted me after an internet search for a Kansas photographer led them to my website.

Sayle Noble and Associates provides marketing strategies for technology companies such as WaterOne. I communicated with Tony Noble, one of Sayle Noble’s directors and senior consultants. We arranged the entire assignment through emails. After photographing Mr. Weber at the Wolcott Treatment Plant in Kansas City, Kansas, I transmitted the images halfway around the world.

The next day I received one last email from Mr. Noble. It read, “Thanks for doing a thorough, professional job.” A few days earlier, I never would have expected to meet Mr. Weber in Kansas City, Kansas much less Mr. Noble in New Zealand. Maybe it is a small world after all.

-scott weaver

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