in loving memory

I have been blessed to receive many gifts in my life: a beautiful wife, a loving family, and God’s grace through his son, Christ Jesus. Three years ago, I received another gift when my wife’s grandfather willed me his 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood. I was honored beyond words.

I grew up without grandparents. Mine both died when I was young. I never knew the joy of grandparents until I met James and Rose Taylor. I unofficially adopted them as my own.

James Taylor was one of the finest men I have ever met. He was a real man’s man. Extraordinarily tough, yet compassionate. He was the patriarch, a church elder, and a war hero. He was stronger at 85 than I was at 35. He had respect because he had earned it.

James and Rose were married for 61 years. He bought the Cadillac for her because she had always wanted one. James cherished Rose. She was the matriarch, a Southern Baptist, and a Southern belle. When Rose passed on in September 2006, he followed her five months later.

Shortly after James’ passing, I found out he had left me his Cadillac. I tried driving it a few times but it was never really my car. Every time I slipped into the driver’s seat, I could still picture James behind the wheel with Rose by his side. It would always belong to them.

It sat in our garage for awhile, then we parked it at my family’s house for two years. It slowly fell into disrepair because it was too costly to maintain it in showroom condition, the way James always kept it. The Cadillac deserved better, so my wife and I decided to sell the car.

Recently, a man took it away with a tow truck. I took photos. My wife took the hood ornament.

-scott weaver

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3 Responses to in loving memory

  1. Dwight Taylor says:

    Thank you, Scott. Well said, and well loved. I’m glad you got to know my Mom and Dad. They enjoyed getting to know you and that you loved their precious Patty.


  2. craig says:

    Great post man…great stuff. Family is the real deal…wish I would have been able to meet the both of them.

    Talk to you soon…


  3. jeffjacobsen says:

    Wonderful remembrance. Thank you.

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