cover girl

K-State’s Lauren Mathewson makes a face during a photo shoot on media day.

Although K-State’s fall semester doesn’t start until August 23, many of the teams are already practicing for their upcoming seasons. I’ve spent the last few weeks at various sports media days, the day when a team’s coaches and players are made available for interviews and photos by the local media. It can get very repetitive for me as a photographer. I usually spend the day shooting mug shots, group shots and stock shots for media guides and marketing materials. It’s even more repetitive for the student athletes, who are asked the same questions by different reporters or striking the same poses for different photographers.

Recently, I covered K-State’s volleyball media day. We did a photo shoot with each player in casual clothes and game day uniforms. My final shot was a portrait of our two seniors, JuliAnne Chisholm and Lauren Mathewson, for the media guide cover. JuliAnne and Lauren know how to keep it light and fun during media day. Lauren goofed around for me during her mug shots but when it was time for the cover shot, she and JuliAnne were real pros and they made a great photo.

K-State’s JuliAnne Chisholm and Lauren Mathewson pose for their cover shot.

-scott weaver

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