my personal assistant

Don Zerbe stands in for coach Bill Snyder before K-State football media day.

Don shoots group shots of K-State football players during media day.

Don triggered a remote camera to shoot K-State head coach Bill Snyder as he returned to the sidelines on September 5, 2009 from a three year retirement.

Don Zerbe is my photo assistant of four years and a man of few words. When he does speak, he’ll say something hilarious or insightful. I am a quiet man too so sometimes Don and I can work an entire game together and hardly talk to each other. So, before we start the 2010 football season at K-State, I wanted to write an open letter thanking him for his outstanding and unmatched work ethic.

Don, thanks for your help. Thanks for always arriving early and staying late. Thanks for always carrying the heaviest case of gear. Thanks for climbing ladders, stairs, and catwalks. Thanks for helping me set up remote cameras, dial in strobe heads, and upload CF cards to my laptop. Thanks for being another set of eyes and ears for me on the field. Thanks for sprinting up and down the sidelines dozens of times a game. Thanks for keeping up with extra camera bodies, extra lenses, and extra equipment. Thanks for shooting mug shots, group shots, and test shots. Thanks for doing the job. . . in the heat, in the cold, and in the rain.

Thanks for being an exceptional assistant, and most importantly, my friend.

-scott weaver

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2 Responses to my personal assistant

  1. craig says:

    love that….well written…youre a good friend yourself man…thanks for caring about people like you do…

  2. Dwight Taylor says:

    Nice commentary, and nice thought. In his recent trip to visit Colorado, Travis spoke about how well you guys work together and what pleasure that gives him. Good work to both of you.

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