quantity, not quality

Indy Racing League wheels.

Major League baseballs.

Miniature pumpkins.

Rocks in a garden.

Plastic toy ducks.

Photography can be demanding and frustrating for me. . . but it’s always fun. Recently, I challenged myself to start making one photo from every assignment for my own personal satisfaction. The photo wasn’t for my clients, my art directors, or my portfolio. It was just an unique image that was enjoyable to me.

Occasionally, I’ll stumble across one of these abstract images whenever I’m searching through my photo archives and I have noticed a similar composition in many of them. They often repeat a pattern of shape and color.

A repeating pattern is aesthetically pleasing to me. Visually, a photo is more interesting when an individual, simple, subject is repeated in large numbers.

Honestly, the real reason I like repeating patterns is that I’m a Type A personality who is obsessive-compulsive about structure and organization in my life.

-scott weaver

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