bird lives

18th and vine 001

The Blue Room is the most famous blues and jazz club in Kansas City, Missouri.

18th and Vine 087

A 10-foot tall bronze sculpture of Charlie Parker is located near 18th and Vine.

18th and vine 002
Tyrone Aiken, executive director of the Kansas City Friends of Alvin Ailey, shares a laugh with visitors during a tour of the world-renowned dance studio.

Recently, a client asked me to shoot photos in Kansas City’s historic 18th and Vine District. It is one of the birthplaces of American jazz music and home to Charlie “Bird” Parker, the famous saxophonist who passed away in 1955. A 10-foot tall bronze sculpture of Parker is located near the 18th and Vine District. The inscription on the granite base of the memorial simply reads, “Bird Lives.”

The District serves as the center of Kansas City’s African American history and has undergone a $30 million redevelopment over the last several years. Famous clubs such as the Blue Room jazz club, the Gem Theater and the Mutual Musicians Foundation are all located at 18th and Vine. The District also houses Kansas City’s 90-year old African American newspaper, The Call, the American Jazz Museumthe Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the Alvin Ailey school of dance, the KC Blues and Jazz Juke House and Harper’s restaurant.

-scott weaver

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