damage control


I have been the Kansas State University Athletic Department staff photographer for ten years. There have been numerous highlights over the last decade, such as K-State winning the 2003 Big 12 Conference Football Championship against Oklahoma. There have also been a few lowlights, such as the resignation of Bob Huggins as the men’s head basketball coach after only one season in 2007.

However, nothing has been more disappointing to me than an audit that was released June 19, 2009 that detailed questionable financial practices at K-State including 13 undocumented payments totaling $845,000 to football coach Bill Snyder and former athletic directors Bob Krause and Tim Weiser. K-State senior athletic administrators Jim Epps and Bob Cavello were also placed on administrative leave pending further investigation for undisclosed reasons.

One month earlier, on May 20, 2009, it was revealed that Krause secretly agreed to give $3.2 million to former football coach Ron Prince for undisclosed reasons after Prince was fired following the 2008 season. The agreement was made by Krause allegedly without the knowledge of other school officials.

Now, new K-State president Dr. Kirk Schultz and athletic director John Currie begin their damage control. They must clean up the huge mess left for them by the previous administration. One day, I hope K-State will emerge from this scandal stronger than ever. When it does, it will be the school’s greatest highlight.

-scott weaver

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