a photo shoot with k-state’s sara castellano

sara castellano 010bw

Recently, I photographed K-State tennis player Sara Castellano for the team poster at the Student Union Recreation Center in Manhattan, Kansas.

-scott weaver

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from the archives #10

David Jankowski, junior Oklahoma State runner Oklahoma State's David Jankowski cools off during the Men's 10,000 meter run in the Big 12 Outdoor Track and Field Championships at Ed Weir Stadium in Lincoln, Nebraska. 30:56.76 5th place May 11, 2007 Ed Weir Stadium Lincoln, Neb.

While covering K-State’s football game against Oklahoma State on October 3, 2015, I remembered shooting another Oklahoma State athlete years earlier.

I was in Lincoln, Nebraska to cover K-State during the Big 12 Outdoor Track and Field Championships at Ed Weir Stadium on May 11-13, 2007. It was humid and hot (87 degrees) at the start of the men’s 10,000 meter run on the night of May 11. David Jankowski, a junior runner for Oklahoma State, was competing in the event.

The northeast corner of Nebraska’s enormous football venue, Memorial Stadium, had cast a shadow across the southwest corner of Ed Weir Stadium which provided some nice, soft light as the athletes exited turn four towards the front stretch.

The men’s 10,000 meter run is 6.2 miles or 25 laps around the track so the event can last 30 minutes which is a long run in the heat. Nebraska athletic trainers had set up a folding table in the shadow topped with paper cups full of water so runners could keep themselves hydrated during the race. After several laps, the track was littered with discarded cups. I wanted to make an image of the runners stepping over the trash so I waited for the leaders to come around the corner.

David Jankowski, one of the front runners, grabbed a cup of water from the table and splashed his face with it as he headed for the finish line. I thought it made a unique image. Jankowski finished in 5th place with a time of 30:56.76.

Eight years later, Jankowski is a professional distance runner in Portland, Oregon.

-scott weaver

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k-state unveils new men’s basketball uniforms

mbb seniors

K-State’s Justin Edwards, Brian Rohleder and Stephen Hurt wear their new home uniforms at the Ice Family Basketball Training Facility in Manhattan, Kansas.

-scott weaver


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a photo shoot with k-state’s kyle weldon

kyle weldon 001

Recently, I photographed K-State golfer Kyle Weldon for the team’s new poster.

For Kyle’s portrait, we set up in the K-State Fieldhouse Development Indoor Facility. I lit him with three White Lightning X1600 flash units: a key light with an umbrella in front of him and two kickers with medium softboxes on either side of him.

-scott weaver

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amanda and b.j.

amanda_bj 001

amanda_bj 002

amanda_bj 003

amanda_bj 004

amanda_bj 005

amanda_bj 006

amanda_bj 007

amanda_bj 008

amanda_bj 009

amanda_bj 010

Recently, I shot engagement photos for Amanda and B.J., two friends of mine from K-State Athletics. Amanda is a former captain on the K-State rowing team. B.J. is a former captain on the K-State football team and now plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I have photographed each of them numerous times during their collegiate athletic careers and I was honored when they asked me to shoot their wedding.

-scott weaver

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Scott D. Weaver Photography launches brand new website




I launched my brand new website on August 19, 2015. I switched from my Joomla-based website that I had used for several years to Wix.com, a cloud-based HTML5 platform with easy drag and drop features. Wix is the number one website design platform for photographers according to websitebuilderexpert.com. Wix offers several templates for commercial, event, sport, travel, and wedding photographers.

Patty, my brilliant and beautiful wife, designed my new website to give it a simple, contemporary look. The site features links to six photo galleries of my recent work – Faces, Places, Spaces, Sports, Events, and Tearsheets – as well as my Bio and Contact pages. All of the galleries have been updated with large, hi-res images.

I’m thrilled with the new website and I encourage everyone to look through it.

-scott weaver

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the 2015 k-state football media day

stanton weber

K-State’s captain and wide receiver Stanton Weber poses for a portrait in the Vanier Football Complex during media day in Manhattan, Kansas on August 8, 2015.

-scott weaver

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kelly and mark get married


Kelly and her bridesmaids practice yoga on the morning of her wedding.


Groomsmen Jason McGhee wrestles with Chris Powell in their hotel room.


Mark reads love letters from Kelly before their wedding ceremony.


Kelly talks with her nieces, Madelynn and Abigail, on her front porch.


Kelly puts on her garter belt and shoes before leaving for the church.


Kelly freshens her makeup in a full length mirror before leaving her house.


Madelynn McHugh watches for the limousine to take them to the church.


Kelly’s brother, Michael, helps her out of the limousine at the church.


Kelly waves at guests in the lobby before she sneaks into the church.


Mark and his groomsmen huddle moments before the wedding ceremony.


Mark and Kelly exchange their vows during their wedding ceremony.


Mark and Kelly kiss in the church lobby after their wedding ceremony.


Wedding guests blow bubbles as Mark and Kelly walk to their limousine.


Mark and Kelly kiss in their limousine as they drive to their reception.


Mark and Kelly pose for photos at the KSU Gardens before their reception.


Kelly and Mark prepare to cut the cake during their wedding reception.


Groomsmen Jason McGhee and Kevin Stewart swing dance at the reception.


Groomsman Chris Powell dances during The Isley Brothers’ “Shout”.


Kelly sits on best man Kevin Stewart while Mark removes her garter.


Wedding guests give a group hug to Mark and Kelly during their last dance.

My friends, Mark Stewart and Kelly McHugh, asked me to shoot their wedding in Manhattan, Kansas on July 31, 2015. I was honored to document their special day.

-scott weaver

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1000 miles through california


Natural Bridges State Beach in Santa Cruz, California on July 16, 2015.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California on July 17, 2015.


The Lone Cyprus in Pebble Beach, California on July 17, 2015.


Point Lobos State Natural Reserve in Carmel, California on July 17, 2015.


Point Lobos State Natural Reserve in Carmel, California on July 17, 2015.


Point Lobos State Natural Reserve in Carmel, California on July 17, 2015.


Bixby Creek Bridge in Big Sur, California on July 18, 2015.


McWay Falls in Big Sur, California on July 18, 2015.


Hare Creek Trail in Big Sur, California on July 18, 2015.


Limekiln Trail in Big Sur, California on July 18, 2015.


A California State Route 1 sign in Big Sur, California on July 18, 2015.


Elephant seals in San Simeon, California on July 18, 2015.


Hearst Castle’s Roman pool in San Simeon, California on July 19, 2015.


Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo, California on July 19, 2015.


Paddleboards in Santa Barbara, California on July 19, 2015.


Old Mission Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, California on July 20, 2015.


The Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, California on July 20, 2015.


Joshua Tree National Park in southeastern California on July 21, 2015.


The Getty Center in Los Angeles, California on July 22, 2015.


Hyatt Regency Orange County in Los Angeles, California on July 26, 2015.

Recently, Patty and I took a working vacation to California because I had been hired to shoot the Alpha-1 National Education Conference on July 24-26, 2015 in Los Angeles. We rented a car and spent seven days driving down the California State Route 1, better known as the Pacific Coast Highway, from Oakland to Los Angeles.

Once we left the airport, we stopped for lunch at In-N-Out Burger, a California institution. Then, we traveled to Santa Cruz where we walked along the beach at Natural Bridges State Park. We ate great seafood at the FireFish Grill on the Santa Cruz Wharf and spent the night at the Carousel Beach Inn, a charming hotel directly across the street from the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and Amusement Park.

The next morning, we drove one hour south to Monterey where we toured the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium. Also, we circled the entire Monterey peninsula along the 17-Mile Drive and stood on the 18th green at Pebble Beach Golf Club. We hiked through Point Lobos State Natural Reserve and saw some of the Golden State’s most beautiful coastline. We ate lunch at Cindy’s Waterfront at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and stayed at the Comfort Inn Monterey by the Sea.

We woke up on Saturday and drove three hours through Big Sur to San Simeon. We stopped to admire the Bixby Creek Bridge and then continued to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park to hike the McWay Falls trail. We stopped for lunch at Nepenthe to enjoy great food and a gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean. Then, we drove to Limekiln State Park to conquer the Hare Creek and Limekiln trails. We ended our day by watching elephant seals on the beach near our hotel, The Morgan at San Simeon.

Sunday morning, we drove four miles to the Hearst Castle, the 90,000 square foot home of former newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. Unfortunately, a rare California thunderstorm prohibited us from touring the gardens, but we were able to view the lavish interiors of the individual mansions. After the tour, we stopped for an awesome lunch at Moonstone Beach Bar and Grill in Cambria. We detoured into San Luis Obispo to walk through Bubblegum Alley, a tourist destination where two walls are covered with used chewing gum. We shot some selfies in the alley then continued to Santa Barbara where we slept at the Castillo Inn on the Beach.

After breakfast, we toured the Old Mission Santa Barbara, a beautiful Spanish mission founded by a Franciscan order on December 4, 1786. The church is still used for worship today. We stopped for lunch at Honor Bar and ate their amazing steakburgers. A few hours later, we stopped for dinner at Duke’s in Malibu and soaked in the ocean view one last time before heading into Los Angeles.

We drove up to the Griffith Observatory to see the panoramic views of the downtown and catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sign. Then, we checked into our final hotel, the Hyatt Regency Orange County, an elegant resort near Disneyland.

Early on Tuesday morning, we drove two hours east to Joshua Tree National Park. The road through the park had been washed out from recent rains but we still saw some amazing rock formations in the northern half of the area. We returned to the Hyatt Regency to split a tasty pepperoni pizza at TusCa Ristorante.

Finally, our last day of vacation was spent at The Getty Center in northern Los Angeles. We picked up Patty’s great aunt from her home in Encino and then we toured the museum’s gardens on Wednesday afternoon. We worked up an appetite so the three of us ate dinner at the Lakeside Cafe and Restaurant in Los Encinos State Historic Park. The restaurant has great food and overlooks a nearby lake.

We hope to visit California again soon, so we can experience more of her beauty.

-scott weaver

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the 2015 alpha-1 national education conference


Alphas listen to speakers during the National Education Conference.


Dr. Charlie Strange greets Alphas during the National Education Conference.


Dr. Robert Sandhaus greets Alphas during the National Education Conference.


A young adult Alphas group meets during the National Education Conference.


A panel of liver experts speaks during the National Education Conference.


Dr. Richard Casaburi speaks during the National Education Conference.


Genetic counselor Kim Brown speaks during the National Education Conference.


Alpha-1 Project director Jean-Marc Quach talks with Dr. Robert Sandhaus.


A Marilyn Monroe impersonator entertains Alphas during closing ceremonies.


Alpha-1 Foundation co-founder, president and CEO John Walsh speaks during the closing ceremonies of the 2015 Alpha-1 National Education Conference.

I photographed the 24th annual Alpha-1 National Education Conference at the Hyatt Regency Orange County in Anaheim, California on July 24-26, 2015.

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency is a genetic condition in which the body does not make enough of a protein that protects the lungs and liver from severe damage. The condition can lead to emphysema and liver disease, often before age 40.

Symptoms of Alpha-1 lung disease include shortness of breath, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and wheezing. There is no cure for Alpha-1 and the only treatment is a weekly IV infusion of the missing alpha-1 antitrypsin protein.

Augmentation therapy has been shown to reduce the rate of declining lung function, however it is not a treatment for Alpha-1 liver disease.

Instead, health care practitioners concentrate on treating the symptoms of Alpha-1 liver disease by instructing patients to get regular blood and liver tests. Patients are also advised to avoid smoking and alcohol, as well as eating a balanced diet, exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight. If an Alpha-1 patient develops severe scarring of the liver (or cirrhosis), a liver transplant is usually their only option.

Despite the grim diagnosis of Alpha-1, the patients, the families, the physicians and the administrative staff at the conference were warm and outgoing people.

More than 500 people attended the conference. Several speakers, including pulmonary specialists, professors of medicine, genetic researchers, internists, gastroenterologists, physiologists and pharmaceutical reps spoke about the latest medical trials, breakthroughs and treatments available to Alpha-1 patients.

-scott weaver

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